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Welcome! This site came alive on December 31, 2009, and intends to encourage and instruct people regarding the Antichrist. It appears the real Antichrist now walks the earth and is poised to become a big figure on the world scene. Accordingly, it is time for people to become acquainted with Scriptural prophecies which deal with these things so they may be able to identify him, and thereby be convinced for themselves that Jesus is coming very soon.

March 7th, 2014 update: The person I thought would be Antichrist has been confirmed to be dead. Where do things go from here? Read more in my blog.

The Antichrist is alive, so Jesus is coming very soon!

At midnight the cry rang out: "Here's the Bridegroom! Come out to meet him!" Then all the virgins woke up and trimmed their lamps. (Matthew 25:6-7)

Now is the time to wake up because Jesus is coming soon. Very soon.

Author's note, March 7, 2014: The paragraphs below need some revision in light of Antichrist's death, but I'm holding off for a couple of months before declaring him out of the picture.

How can I be so sure? There is a person alive today, over the age of 60, who openly claims to be the Antichrist. He also claims to be the beast of Revelation. His stated goal is to establish the Government of God on Earth. Although you'd be tempted to dismiss such a person as a crackpot or liar, the only way to judge is to measure this person against the Scriptures. After looking into his claims and teachings, I've concluded he fulfills some of the prophecies for the Antichrist and is poised to fulfill more.

I find this discovery exciting, exhilarating, and a bit scary. Exciting because, if the Antichrist is on the world scene already, then Jesus can't be far behind. A bit scary because the time of Antichrist's reign will be difficult for Christians.

You might be thinking, "If someone this earth-shattering has come along, how come we haven't heard about him? How come he isn't making headlines?" You haven't heard of him because his primary sphere of influence is the Hispanic world. And he is making headlines there!

Bear in mind Jesus' ministry in 30 AD didn't meet up with the expectations of religious leaders; consequently, they failed to recognize their Messiah. I fear the same sort of thing is going to happen with the Antichrist. While religious leaders are looking for a "revived Roman Empire" and a "man of peace" who brings about a "seven-year treaty", they will overlook an otherwise obvious candidate.

I cannot identify the person by name without inviting a lawsuit. Plus, that isn't the true intent of this web site. The true goal is for readers to wake up, become acquainted with End Times prophecies in a fresh way, and have the truth in their heart.

But I promise that if you study the Scriptures in these pages and search for news stories about the Antichrist and 666, you will be able to identify the Antichrist for yourself and be convinced of one thing:

Jesus is coming soon. Very soon.

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